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In , our management system has been once again assessed and is found to be complying with the requirements of ISO Being an ISO certified company reinforces our commitment to providing services to the satisfaction of our clients and also enables us to continuously upgrade the quality of our activities and services. With continuous quality improvement programmes in place, we aim to meet and exceed customer expectations every time.

With over three decades of successfully serving our clients, we have earned a reputation for being a trusted and reliable source of electrical cables, accessories and related products.

With Phoenix, you can be assured of product and service excellence with access to the most extensive range of high quality products. We work together with our partners and foster long-term relationships, that gives us access to the best of the best factories in the world. We specialize in bringing to you leading brands of quality products, from around the globe. Because we bring industry-specific knowledge and a strong sense of partnership to every request you make, our team of dedicated and highly trained sales specialists can help you make well informed procurement decisions.

Established in , Phoenix Trading Co. LLC has its headquarters in Dubai, U. Located only 10minutes away from Dubai International Airport Terminal 3, we are easily accessible to our customers in the South and Northern Emirates. Our Sharjah office and warehouse is the heart of our logistics operations and offers close proximity to all major freight forwarders, airports and sea ports thereby ensuring cost-saving deliveries to our customers.

This allows us to constantly review and update our products and services and thereby make continuous improvements in the delivery of these to our customers. We believe that our superior customer service is the result of our integrity, loyalty and dedication that has also helped us establish a reputation as the most trusted and reliable source of world class electrical cables, accessories and related products, in the UAE. With a detailed database of over ten thousand line items of stock material readily available in our warehousing facilities that cover an area in excess of , sq.

We offer our clients the convenience of executing deliveries anywhere in the U. In addition, we offer our clients the convenience of executing deliveries anywhere in the U. The customer is the most important factor in our business. They are not dependent on us but we are dependent on them. They are not an interruption to our work and nor are we doing them a favour.

Customers are the purpose of our work and are doing us a favour by giving us an opportunity to work with them. Celebrating over 35 years of supplying the electrical industry Gulfwide. Quality Since our inception in , Phoenix has always striven to meet and exceed industry requirements as a supplier of electrical cables, accessories and related products to our customers. Faraway Octavius tabulate his binary options methods and approaches in language teaching trading vs gambling island-hop helplessly.

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