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I will caution that Forex , Futures trading is not for. Though all these types of trading may not be strictly illegal, he terms them " parasitic ".

A third-party trader may find out the content of another broker's order and buy or sell in front of it in the same way that a self-dealing broker might.

The third-party trader might find out about the trade directly from the broker or an employee of the brokerage firm in return for splitting the profits, in which case the front-running would be illegal. The trader might, however, only find out about the order by reading the broker's habits or tics, much in the same way that poker players can guess other players' cards.

For very large market orders, simply exposing the order to the market, may cause traders to front-run as they seek to close out positions that may soon become unprofitable. Large limit orders can be "front-run" by " order matching " or "penny jumping".

If the market price increases after their purchases, they will get the full amount of the price increase. However, if the market price decreases, they will likely be able to sell to the limit order trader, for only a one cent loss.

This type of trading is probably not illegal, and in any case, a law against it would be very difficult to enforce. Other types of traders who use generally similar strategies are labelled "order anticipators. Squeezers would likely be guilty of market manipulation , but the other two types of order anticipators would not be violating any US law.

In insurance sales, front running is a practice in which agents "leak" information usually false to consumers about a competitor insurance company that leads the consumer to believe that the company's products or services are inferior, or worthless. The agent subsequently obtains a sale at the consumer's expense, earns a commission, and the consumer may have given up a perfectly good product for an inferior one as the result of the subterfuge.

For example, analysts and brokers who buy shares in a company just before the brokerage firm is about to recommend the stock as a strong buy, are practising this type of "front running". Brokers have been convicted of securities laws violations in the United States for such behavior. In , a writer for the Wall Street Journal , R. Foster Winans , tipped off brokers about the content of his column Heard on the Street , which based upon publicly available information would be written in such a way as to give either good or bad news about various stocks.

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