Real trader brokerage account and purchased 300 shares of internet dreams

Not just look at data results on the paper, which might even be fabricated to begin with. This data is just too unreliable to trust. Many Robot marketers say their Forex trading Robots work with all brokers and all currency pairs or other trading instruments in all market conditions. The spread can be even as much as 3 pips, and the Robot can still make money, although best results are produced with fixed spreads of pips.

However, it is also possible to trade other pairs with low spreads, e. Allow me to introduce my latest and best Forex software created to help you make money through Forex faster, totally automated, working 24 hours a day, trading as you relax or rest. It is designed mainly for FX aficionados who have at least basic knowledge about Forex and have been trading already. Of course those who never traded before can buy it and with some instructions, use it perfectly as well.

However, a Forex trading Robot has one big advantage. Never gets excited when it makes big trades, or annoyed when it makes small trades or loses! Easy to fantasize about, hard to get one that in fact does this and brings you the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Sometimes only 1 or 2 pips.

But occasionally even 10 or 20 pips in just up to 60 seconds. So watch the trades carefully, since you might even not notice them! A very good question! Why should you buy my EA, not the much cheaper ones? Sometimes you can get hundreds of trades a day, sometimes just a dozen, or only a few per day.

However, as long as on the average you can get more positive than negative trades in the long run, you will be on the winning side. Just a matter of finding right brokers and parameters. As you can see from the results on different accounts the profits and accuracy vary depending on the broker. Some brokers are easier, some tougher, some almost impossible. Nothing is really impossible! Forex requires hard work and patience to be successful.

However, when you succeed you can expect high returns on your investment. On this Account in FX Clearing now: Such fascinating results cannot be achieved by other systems. Below is a screenshot with the actual Robot you will get after the purchase.

You will be surprised how good and precise it is. This was Version 1. Next step was Version 4, which could make profits with ECN brokers.

Then there was Version 5 that was even even better and faster. In May Version 6 was released. A few new parameters have been added which made the Robot even more profitable and are responsible for lower number of losses as well, e.

Also there are many new features hidden inside the Robot code to cope with many problems that brokers have like freezing the platform, slippage, etc. In December based on our own experience and trading results as well as following many requests of our clients we added a few unique revolutionary parameters that make the Robot one of the best Forex trading tools on the market, both for beginner and advanced FX Traders.

Among others it has the following new parameters and functions:. Those two parameters are very unique. If there are losing trades, you can reverse orders or wait till they bring profits!!! So theoretically, you can always win!!! So the new version became even faster, has less losses and is easier to operate, especially for the beginner traders. I read the trading style part. And this scalping method is a bit riskier than normal way of trading.

I mean he invests in futures? My positions are Equity Only. For the 50k buying in MIS enables us margin of 5 to 10 times which is used in entirely for each trade. Then how come you make trades a day in that case. I have same Question. Now I understand whats MIS. It is a very inspiring story. Anyways, I had a doubt Bharadwaj on intraday short selling of shares. Could you please clarify that? Suppose I do not hold any Axis bank shares in my demat account. Can i buy back the shares in BSE?

And if I do not transfer shares from some other demat account, the shares that i short sold in NSE will be bought back by the exchange in the Auction window? By doing a trade like I have mentioned above, my intention is profit from the arbitrage available because of the difference in pricing in NSE and BSE. Hence, please clarify if it is allowed to do such kind of a trade.

You cannot buy on one exchange and sell on other or vice versa for intraday, what you have said in point 2 is correct. If you see a price difference between NSE and BSE, buy it on BSE wait for 2 days get delivery and sell on NSE, that is the only way to play this out, which would not really make any sense because you would be taking a market risk for those 2 days.

Nifty Index is my mother. I do not open corresponding sectoral index chart for the position i take. My kind of trading scalping works ONLY when things are kept as simple as possible. Congratulations Bharadwaj ji, Sir,i want to that what time frame you are using for your trading scalping? Congratulations Bharadwaj ji, Sir,i want to know that what time frame you are using for your trading scalping? I want to know, is it possible to short equity similar to futures, where to get the details of margin for the equity and what is the time frame?

Yes it is possible, you need to use product type as MIS while shorting equity for intraday, you can trade unitl 3. Read this for more: Can somebody explain whats exactly MIS trading? Its got something to do only with intra-day trading or the margin amount also like 5 to 10 times the amount.

Please explain everything possible about MIS. I dont have a demat account and can I trade to trade in MIS-cash? Margin intraday square off, when you mention the product type as MIS while placing your order:.

For equity, you can both buy and short based on if you are bullish or bearish. Since MIS is only good for intraday we give give you upto 10 times margin. So if you have 1lk in your account, you can buy upto 10lks, but all MIS positions get squared off at 3.

This blog explains everything on product types. The leverage given varies with stocks, check this link: You can use Bracket or Cover orders if you need higher than this.

Like already pointed in the main article itself, i buy MAX i can in the given margin. With vedl,adanient,dlf,hdil you seriously leave after 15 paise deviation? Try displaying your skills on a India got talent equivalent platform. Zerodha has launched this section to highlight the fact that against popular public perception that people always lose in the stock markets, there are people who consistently make money.

Like answered in the first question on top of this page, i too lost my entire capital dozens of times during my early years. God somehow made me continue rather than quit trading. Let say i buy 1 lot nifty at in CNC today. And lets say day after tomorrow it price changed to Means will my profit or loss be calculated only when i sell nifty lot or everyday i will be charged or credited as per the price fell or rise till i hold it????

Firstly when trading nifty you need to use product type as NRML to hold overnight. Check link for margins required. In your case when it went from to , your account gets credited by Rs 50 x , when it goes to Rs gets debited and when it goes back to gets credited again, at the end of everday there would be a marked to market done either crediting or debiting your account until you exit your positions.

Hi Bharadwaj, congrats for your stupendous success…would like to know and i m interested in if you provide any advisory services…if not request you to provide some training for novice and small traders like me…. Certain things cannot be taught at all. Like balancing a cycle!

Moreover my kind of trading requires utmost concentration maybe equal to that of a surgeon on the operation table! Because you need a peaceful place to have such a deep concentration mind. Thank You Bharadwaj Sir Your trading style encouraging me a lot.

I have been actually facing issues with exits and your post seems to be having a clue for it. Earlier I used to have fixed tgt and SL exit: Consider a scrip trading at Suppose you go long at , So your SL would be and expected target would be or some higher level depending on momentum. Say transaction cost is 0. Can you please guide on your exits which are path dependent for the following scenarios regarding price movements? So you Ans would be Exit: GBharadwaj, I understand such queries are too naive, but Exits is the thing I am struggling with.

Since you have been practically and successfully dealing with the thing, you guidance would be of immense value. Presets and formulas can work only in an ideal scenario but you know markets are unique each single day! GBharadwaj, Thanks for your prompt response! Thanks for guiding on a very crucial aspect! Just one more query related to an important scenario I missed: Re-entry is also an issue I face and am working on it. I understand that would not be possible for you to teach over comments-forum.

I MAY be among the first 5 signups of Zerodha! I would recommend Mr. Its done in various cities around India atleast once a year or 2. To get a feel of indian markets with indian stock examples you can read both Ashwani Gujrals books.

Yes getting out ASAP if not moving in the desired direction is the most crucial mantra for a intraday trader of this kind. Hello Sir 1 Could you clarify how are u choosing an active stock. You can choose active stocks by checking out top gainers, top losers, top volumes, those near 52 week highs, lows etc. This process cannot be taught as each persons thinking, each persons greed, fear, psychology will be unique. I repeat, do not multitask. What working people need to try is to say take off completely 1 or 2 hours between 9: The duration can be increased with the growth of your comfort level.

Dear Bharadwaj Sir Please advice me on above queries, Everyday evening after coming from my workplace I am eagerly opening my laptop to to see either you have replied or not. Sir, My only goal in intraday trading is to gain only 0.

How can achieve this with high accuracy. I found that you gain between 0. I want to do only one trade for a gain of 0.

Congratulations on your Achievement as an intraday Trader! Really an inspiring story. Bid Size is ,50,,90, these figures keep changing but not more than and Ask Size is ,,80,20,39 these figures keep changing but not more than As long as the stock is among Nifty 50, Nifty junior or Nifty Midcap in short say the top traded stocks you wont have any problem placing orders in s or even 10,s OFCOURSE there will be an impact cost say 0.

ALSO its better to place orders say or a time rather than This way your impact will come down a bit. If for eg I buy shares of Tata Steel at Rs. So in lieu of the impact cost what could typically be the net rate that I may get for both buying and selling. For the sake of this example in theory while i would be looking at a profit of Rs. Check this link for training , its really good. OTA is a good mentored program nothing more or less.

You can consider enrolling for the online trading academy — sharekhan initiative in Bombay. Hence he follows the line of least resistance with active trade management.. I do have a request though. Could you please share an example of any stock on any given day which you have traded with details of entry, exit and stop loss and have made a profit…. Please post more stories of successful day traders in this section. I make quick quick profits and exit, but the problem appears when the stock moves against me and give more tolerance for loss and square off with a larger loss.

Since my losses are relatively larger than profits, 4 or 5 profits tally up to cover a single loss. I should develop a discipline of square off at rs for loss and profits around as u suggested. Bhardwaj, Do u use limit orders or market orders? Since u are trading around stocks, using a market order may sometimes end up in unexpected average prices. Thanks in advance Regards Sudhansu. Dear Bhardwaj Sir Please suggest on above query.

Which type of order you are using. Is it limit order or market order. It was very very hard earned money. But your this posts give me a hope to again start trading after a long time. If any doubt will be there, then surely i will look out help from you. If I have 1lac in my account and on the basis MIS, I buy more than the actual worth of my account and incur loss, how does the account handled in such scenario? Because you trade using MIS, with 1lk you can buy upto 20lks worth of stocks for intraday.

All such positions are squared off at 3. Say if you take a position with 1lk, and you lose 50k as loss on that trade, our risk management team will square off your positions to the extent your remaining 50k can hold. You have to predict it as per the volatility of market and react accordingly when u r initiating ur trade. Yes, you can buy all stocks without any leverage use the product type as CNC while buying for intraday. Need to figure out what exactly is the meaning of these terms and how they affect an NSE Equity Intraday trade?

As I also have similar scalping plans, once I finish my research and start the day trading. Pls help us interact with these traders. If possible pls arrange a discussion forum with top traders. Bharadwaj sir how you choose which share buy for intraday at opening stock market you buy or wait for movement? You decide which share buy for intraday before opening market? It is really sad that despite lot of revolutionary measures — Zerodha has NOT done these important things:. If I have taken a trade using BO facility — I just can not go away from my system!!

As call-and-trade is not allowed here yet………….. Similarly in Cover Order — one can not have a target!!! One can just put the SL. Similarly messengers can be used for personalised trading. Bracket order technically is like an algo as the SL prices move automatically.

Hence the client has to initiate it on their own as per exchange requirement. If you put a target on cover, it becomes like a bracket order. But yes, get your point. We are not allowed by exchange rules to take orders via sms. There have been issues where certain brokers executed this via SMS, and clients came back saying they never sent the SMS, someone else did.

Have you looked at Kite, our in-house web app. This reduces the risk of the trade, and hence the margin required is lower than normal MIS trades. I want to earn from intraday trading. I have computer with internet. I can sit in front of computer from 8. I want to trade in only one scrip. I have own capital of Rs. Waiting for your reply. Have you checked this: Who is charging lowest brokerage in India? Dear Nitin, I have query related to specific scrip. Since you were active trader initially will please guide me?

I need your e-mail address if you do not mind. So that I will send you excel file of that scrip. My observation in that. And what I want to do in it and if I am right or wrong. If I have to win what should be my strategy like that. I know you are very busy and big man. It will not take your more time. The bridge is only for firing orders, no data will be available through this. I want to Learn Some thing about Market 1.

Market Depth What is Market Depth in stocks and how to read it? Ask price How to read this and is it available in terminal? Cover order How to effect in Market? Bracket order How to effect in Market? For orders click here , for Brackets click here , For cover click here,. Bid is basically the price at which someone is ready to buy, and ask is at which someone ready to sell.

Read about impact cost here. Hai Nithin, Thaks Nithin Your servicing is appreciating. How can I learn for intraday Trading?? Tape reading is basically just seeing the prices bid ask and trading. Seeing the graph is technical analysis. Hai Nithin, Thanks ur replay.

But its not correct. I am looking total increasing open position and decreasing. I get opened account in zerodha by seeing bracket order for fno but i knew that it is not available in web plateform. I can not use ZT in my office so kindly request to implement bracket order in web plateform also. I want to learn Market Depth. Is there any other way to read???? Or with the help of chart?

Not too sure what your query is. Could you be elaborate? In the many years I have been trading the market, this is actually the most popular way a retail trader decides to get in and out, if total bids are more than ask buy and if not sell. Sir, suppose I have in my account and want to trade in intraday using mis product type………but I want to buy shares of two different companies……so is this possible? Yes possible, u can trade in as many different companies as u want.

Margin gets separated by the software automatically. There is a point I do not quite understand about your system and wish to get it clarified. Trade with a capital of Rs. Utilize full amount in each trade 4. Exit if loss amount is about Rs. The first 3 points together says that in each trade you are buying or selling shares worth more than Rs.

On an order of this size even the slighest movement will translate to Rs. On such a large trade, even these minor fluctuations will translate to over Rs. I have the same question. How could anyone be so right to enter a position and move forward or exit the position for such a narrow change because the price is fluctuating every second.

That is part of any trading activity. It is there in almost any activity related to earning money, though in most cases it is not very much visible. These things are unavoidable in the workaday economic world. Marketing is very much needed in the competitive world for organizations to sustain itself and the people it employs.

It is for the persons losing to be careful and act judiciously. However I do not think Mr. Bharadwaj is marketing for Zerodha while he is narrating his story. It is only today that i have read your article, i too was drawn into stocks after following my dad.

Your article has only cemented my thoughts about intraday trading and will build more confidence in me. I have left my full time media career to now earn my bread and butter in equity trade.

I am glad i did so and wonder why i did not did it before. Maybe zerodha was god sent.: Sell on BSE Sir i read almost all the question and answer, but still hv some doubt. Please clarify it whenever you get free time. Then can i sell it on bse at on bse. And buy from nse at on nse. And repeat same trade many time. Sell reliance future at and buy at on bse and buy on nse. And how to squareoff both position and calculate profit. If i have share on DP.

Reliance futures, actually any stock future is not very active on BSE. To profit from the above trade, the difference in price should reduce. Whatever the difference in price between contract reduces, that is your profit. If you are looking at trading more, then MIS. Congrats for winning the 60 days challenge. How can you exit the trade when it reaches the loss caused by a narrow change in stock value?

Smart query and I guess you know the answer,its almost impossible to make money with that sort of stop loss and high leverage, volatility in market would eventually you end up taking huge losses, plus there are other factors such as fast execution,latency time etc, thats why scalpers are out and only algo trading makes money consistently.

Its a sure recipe to go bankrupt. I would like to know — what are the good settings for intra day trade 1. Time frame — 5 min, 3 min, 15 min etc?

Any other settings you recommend.. Pls suggest what parameters to follow etc.. I am planning to do cover orders very soon. Can I do cover orders using my holdings? Earlier when I was doing intraday, I was getting 5 — 6 times of my holdings. Can you give me a rough idea? This will help to resume my trading. You will have to first pledge your holdings, but yeah once pledged you can use it for taking intraday positions.

Look at the chart of Rushil Decor on 23 3 Is it possible to confirm how you will trade this scrip — entry level, SL and exit with respective timings. Also confirm the logical reasons and basis of each move. What is the difference between equity and options? Can you please explain. Now for lowest buyers Lupin buyers sellers Sun Pharma buyers sellers In this list Sun Pharma will come first as highest number of Sellers proportional to buyers for that company.

Hi Nithin , There are various real software avialble for technical analysis , giving various info on break outs, buying selling volumes , rsi crossovers, real time super trend line tracking etc. IF you are starting off, I think the charting on Kite.

If you want to do some advanced stuff like creating your own indicators, etc, I guess Amibroker is quite good. I am nifty traders for many years but the end of year was not favourable. I traded only on gut feeling and never on technical. I love to trade options. Option trading usually depends on market volatility and time decay and even risk ,there are lots of strategies but usually those who write options are one who make consistent money,buying call or put is used by institutional investors for hedging their cash portfolio,but if you want to trade, then rather than strategy focus on risk management as high leverage would eventually destroy you if you dont manage your risk.

If not…, okay what about crores? In such cases, how would you manage the stoploss orders and exits? Nitin Sir, In interaday mis how mant times we can sell Nd purchase shares …. If I hv rs in my zerodha account Nd I trade in mis times a day Means trade 1 cr per day in mis There is any problem in tradind.

What is the turnover of other brokers in india? We have the track record of being the most retail friendly brokerage firm in the country. I have been trying to figure out how to get Market Tape on Zerodha web platform, as I am using mac and hence Pi doesnot work. I used to previously trade for a firm using Market Tape but finding it difficult without it in Indian Markets.

Is there any way to get this information, allowing to see the movements of key market players? Think of the treasure in options against your investment. It is a so cool method to make money leisurely. These are your delivery holdings that you intend to hold for long term. The reports on Q are built to this effect. Why not Zerodha subscribe to either Reuters or Bloomberg realtime market moving news and pass on the flashes on their kite platform???

Is it possible to place limit orders just after a breakout point will that be executed if the breakout occurs? If you are placing market orders, it will get executed immediately. If you place a limit order, you will have to monitor to see if they are executed or not.

Yes you can place limit orders with triggers after a breakout. But, i m assuming that u do and hence want to ask u some questions because u r exactly where i want to be. First of all i want to congradulate u for devoloping and trading ur own intraday trading strategy with financial success. U mentioned using market depth window. But what do u look for in market depth window specifically. Frankly i will even read ur shopping list if u mail me.

I want to do tape reading. Checked out almost all the blogs and zerodha varsity, unfortunately I came up empty handed. I see this question is already asked by Jimmy on July 8th, but not answered. Tape reading is like trading based on your guts.

Takes a lot of experience before being able to identify how stocks could move just looking at the LTP. Thanks for the quick response. Do we have an option to see it like a list below?

Abhi, there could be tens to hundreds of ticks in a single second, so it is nearly impossible to track all of them using naked eye.

If you want to trade intraday, I think looking at 1 min chart will be a good way to get started with volume panel. Suggest you to read this: I stays in the market for a min or two and do multiple trades.

Tricky answer, not using market might mean missing out on those trades which moves quickly in the direction of your trade. If i sold 10 shares 23 and bought during the end of the day 19, what will be the final demat holding after 3 days? Will it apply the same for T1 as well? This is to avoid the risk of auction that comes with making BTST transactions. Iam inspired from ur strategies for intraday, and thanks for sharing ur strategies with us.

Dear Bharadwaj sir, Can please share some overview of your market depth strategy as you said it is the backbone of you strategy. What you typically look in market depth such as size , no of buyers or sellers etc.

Please share some insights as this would be of great help. I was in dubai for three years now i came back to india by canceling my visa can i trade in stock market intraday, future and option and delivery or do i need any permission from bank. Sir, I appreciate your work. Your Blog give me huge knowledge about market. I have a few questions. Because I am new in this. And I am waiting for my Pan card. Not sure what buy table means, you can trade multiple stocks for Intraday.

Same answer as above. Sir, In 1st question, I asked that, can I buy shares of different companies at same time…, 2 same as above but sell…. If I have rupees in my demat account. Then after this… How much my money is blocked…. Thanks for quick reply….. As long as you have free funds, you can buy.

So for shares, Rs. Sir, One more question…. If I get profit of in intraday trading. Then how much time it will take to my demat account. Hello Nithin, How you doing? It is not there on pie. Similar to it on Pie? The level 2 data on NSE shows upto 5 market depths, available on Pi. But higher market depths currently not possible. I read this interview very carefully. I liked the way G. Bhardwaj is not replying many queries from a long time,I request Nithin Ji to reply my this simple query- If I buy 10, shares of VEDL and want to sell it at This is 40 paisa scalp.

I am using SL-M order for both buy and sell target order. Whatever little of speaking to G. Bhardwaj, he trades smaller quantities but does a lot of trades during the day. I am trading just quantity of VEDL like scrips and facing slippage,so I wondered how he trading 10, shares and scalping for just 30 paisa. Dear sir, I am an opened in Zerodha account Rs U r using some algo and fast programing computer for trading.

I am also using the same and getting instant profit in a month end. U she disclose ur technique. I read the comments from people.

Most of then worried about SL. Guys use double trade style. What is double trade style? Please ellaborate on this and guide us.

Double trade means, suppose you hv taken a position in Stock, you need to place another order on your SL order.