Trading commodities and financial futures book

Technical analysis of the futures markets: The secret financial life of food: Agricultural futures and options: Risk management in commodity markets: Commodity modeling and pricing: The commodity futures trading guide: Harlow [and] Herbert L.

As an asset class, commodities are now as important as stocks and bonds - and with rapid growth in demand, profit opportunities in commodities are larger than ever. But today's computer-driven markets are volatile and chaotic. Fortunately, you can profit consistently - and this tutorial will show you how. Introduction The four essentials How to become a successful trader A diabolical story The futures primer The options course The intermediate trading course Algorithms eliminating people The advanced trading course The moving average primer Gk's pivot indicator And finally Appendix: Naked Forex Alex Nekritin.

The Snowball Alice Schroeder. All About Forex Trading S. Warren Buffett Speaks Janet Lowe. The Classic Edition Benjamin Graham. Flash Boys Michael Lewis. Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets: Study Guide John J. The Alchemy of Finance George Soros. Beating the Street Peter Lynch. Irrational Exuberance Robert J. Foundations of Financial Markets and Institutions: The Dhandho Investor Mohnish Pabrai. But, if you want to profit from trading commodities, it's necessary to follow the money.

And, that means following George Kleinman. No one has a clearer understanding of the path. George Kleinman's "Trading Commodities and Financial Futures "stands 'head and shoulders' above the rest.

It is refreshing to read about techniques that the author actually uses himself every day in the markets to earn his living. And, in George's case, he does! Not surprising then that this a thoroughly practical guide that presents underlying logic.

It is written in a straightforward easy-to-read style that also makes it interesting and exciting. Commodities should be a part of every investor's portfolio, and this book is a must read for anyone interested in trading these markets. This latest edition includes updated information on algorithmic trading, the peculiarities of electronic trading, and everything that a new or veteran trader needs to master the markets, step by step.

I highly recommend this great, new book. Proven strategies and practical wisdom during these turbulent days of algorithmic markets are a rarity and should be cherished.

This book offers rare access to true knowledge and should be"" consulted by both professional and individual investors. Active traders need to consider these markets. But in an era of unprecedented volatility driven by high-frequency computer trading, statistics indicate most commodities traders lose money. However, commodity trading is a "zero-sum" game, and many do reap enormous profits.

George Kleinman will help you become one of the winners. Kleinman introduces powerful new trend-based techniques for identifying those trades that fit right into your "sweet spot" for profits. You'll learn how the commodities markets have changed-and how to successfully use discipline to avoid today's "shark-infested waters. He offers updated coverage of electronic trading, today's contracts, and advanced techniques, including his exclusive Pivot Indicator approach.

Previous editions of this bestseller have helped thousands of traders master commodities trading. This guide will help you win it the way it's being played right now. Why winning commodity traders winDiscipline and the vital characteristics of consistently successful traders All the fundamentals in plain EnglishToday's futures and options markets from agricultural commodities, to energy, metals, soft commodities, and financials: George has a track record of success in the commodity futures business that spans more than 30 years.

When he left Merrill to start his own trading firm, George was a member of "The Golden Circle" the top 10 commodity brokers internationally. From to , Commodity Resource was located on the trading floor of the Minneapolis Grain Exchange, where George held multiple memberships and served on the MGE board of directors.

George has been featured for his trading in national publications and has lectured at major financial conferences regarding his trading techniques. He is the author of four previous books on commodities and futures trading and is an active trader for clients as well as his own account. George has developed his own proprietary trading techniques, some of which are highlighted in this edition.